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    CORPORATE SNAPSHOT Reinforcements’ Corporate Snapshot program will provide you with a valuable Report Card evaluating your organisation’s own strategic, financial, operational and planning performance capability in responding to current and future challenges.
  • Executive Mentoring
    Executive Mentoring Reinforcements’ Mentor program provides a helping hand to identify your future strategy, and provide tactical support in searching for a new way forward and in acquiring new career targets.
    FACILITATION Reinforcements’ Facilitation services provide effective guidance in developing harmonious and focused consultative and problem solving processes, where collaborative outcomes are imperative.
    PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Reinforcements’ Performance Management program helps you set the right environment and workplace culture that encourages high performance in both individuals and groups.
    STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Reinforcements’ Strategic Management program helps identify corporate objectives, clarify performance expectations, align strategies with outcomes and develop meaningful reporting to put your business on the right square.
    ORGANISATIONAL ANALYSIS Reinforcements’ Organisational Analysis program can assist you to see more clearly the process and procedure bottlenecks that are holding you back and can point you toward more effective use of time and resources to achieve better results.


Reinforcements provides a wide range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of individual clients. Select from the following list to see our service profiles that demonstrate the specialist approach we take to our premium client service.


Whenever you need expert advice in any area of organisational, managerial or decision support,Reinforcements are on standby to come to your aid.

Gary Kellar PSM

Gary is the Director and Principal Consultant of Reinforcements (Management and Decision Support Services) Pty Ltd. With a long history of achievemment as a practicing public sector executive and now a growing portfolio of management consulting assignments, Gary's skill and resourcefulness is helping organisations, large and small, resolve all manner of problems and challenges. Practical management experience founded on a strong analytical framework provides assurance of quality solutions. Read more in About Gary Kellar.

Graham Webb PSM

Graham joined Reinforcements in July 2013 as a Consultant and Adviser with specialities in Public Sector and Local Government Management. Graham possesses an array of skills complementary to the Reinforcements philosophy of strong client empathy, advice based on practical know-how and extensive experience at executive level. With over 30 years of exposure to policy development in both State and Local Government spheres Graham provides a wealth of expertise to apply to an even wider field of project interests. Read more in About Graham Webb.