Board Effectiveness, Compliance, Policy, Organisational structure


Corporate and Strategic Planning, Budget and Financial Analysis


Enterprise Risk Management, Audit & Risk Committee Services


Executive performance review, Organisational effectiveness, Management reporting

Local Government

Councillor training, service reviews, regulatory and administrative systems & procedures

Why Reinforcements?

Reinforcements provides experienced and expert advice across all areas of organisational and management consulting to help overcome your business challenges.

Our services are designed to meet your own special needs and our philosophy emphasises working collaboratively with you to produce solutions that are practical and effective. Our consultants are highly skilled professionals focused on delivering outcomes for you that are relevant, economic and sustainable.

Fireside Chats Don’t Generate Enough Heat.

Why do some senior executives find it difficult to handle performance appraisal interviews with their fellow managers? How do we get honesty and forthrightness back into manager to manager dialogue? Why Managers find performance appraisal interviews difficult. In my travels I see numerous senior managers who have reached their position because of their business skill… Read more »