• Improving Electronic Customer Services Centres

    Is it just me or has something changed in the world of electronic service centres? As an avid complainer about the quality of service from call centres and web-based help pages (which I often referred to as "no help" pages, I have suddenly become aware of not having to complain for sometime.My most recent experiences have been with:an insurance... Read more >
  • Trust me, trust me.

    There are many examples of individuals and organisations whose welfare depends on the advice and actions of others. Every day we trust and rely on people in all walks of life to do the right thing by us.  We routinely follow their directions and only occasionally question their fitness to provide the services or the advice on which we rely –... Read more >
  • Thinking Big is easy – Doing Big is harder.

    Question: What do Dick Smith and St Jude have in common?Answer: They both have a soft spot for desperate cases and lost causes.Champion of Australian owned productDick Smith, apart from being the founder of a highly successful electronics business as well as an aeronautical adventurer, is a passionate patriot when it comes to Australian small... Read more >
  • OMG – We never saw that coming!

    Disastrous consequences arising from corporate decisions are rarely intentional. However the whole point of risk management being a key responsibility of Boards and Executive management is to minimise exposure to consequences that are not intended.Decisions at all levels of an organisation can bring about unintended consequences - where the cry... Read more >
  • Economic Strategy – It’s the long run that counts.

    What makes some organisations thrive in the longer term while others just can't last the distance? Economic entities or all kinds - small businesses, large organisations and even Nations - can find it difficult to keep a strong hand on the economic tiller. Some are just not strong enough to withstand the storms that invariably break out of... Read more >
  • Business Networking – opportunity or waste of time

    A colleague of mine compares business networking functions to Speed-Dating. Cynically he says "Everyone knows why you are there. You get to meet a lot of people superficially but rarely do you find a lasting relationship." The point my colleague is missing is that the profitable outcomes of successful networking are typically not consummated on... Read more >
  • Individuals make a difference

    How does your organisation show that it values individuals who excel? How important is it to the individual to be recognised and acknowledged for their excellent work?Awards for Excellence in Queensland's Public SectorLast week the Queensland Division of the Institute of Public Administration Australia announced the winners of its 2012 Public... Read more >
  • Organisational Waste is not just a load of rubbish

    What if you could cull out all the small inefficient and non-productive processes from your organisation? How much would it save you in wasted time and effort? How much more would you benefit from cleaning up the wasteful processes of the service organisations you deal with?The pile of waste items in this picture are headed for recycling, because... Read more >
  • Strategy Super Heroes

    What makes a manager a super strategist?  All managers are expected to strategise in some form, so why is it that some excel while others struggle?Attributes of successful strategistsAs long ago as 1998 Downes and Mui (Unleashing the Killer App, Harvard Business Schools Press) identified some key attributes that differentiate highly successful... Read more >
  • Changing horses in mid-career

    What happens when someone is displaced from their job after more than a decade of solid service? How do people, especially managers with more of a generalist background, adapt to searching for a new job?Why is the job market getting tougher in Australia?Courier Mail 13 August 2012With the current low level of available employment positions in... Read more >

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