• Strategy Super Heroes

    What makes a manager a super strategist?  All managers are expected to strategise in some form, so why is it that some excel while others struggle?Attributes of successful strategistsAs long ago as 1998 Downes and Mui (Unleashing the Killer App, Harvard Business Schools Press) identified some key attributes that differentiate highly successful... Read more >
  • Changing horses in mid-career

    What happens when someone is displaced from their job after more than a decade of solid service? How do people, especially managers with more of a generalist background, adapt to searching for a new job?Why is the job market getting tougher in Australia?Courier Mail 13 August 2012With the current low level of available employment positions in... Read more >
  • What Price, Internal Control?

    At what point does the cost of investing in internal control outweigh the benefits of avoiding the risk of fraud, waste or poor outcomes performance? Is there a trade-off balance point?Recently, I attended a highly informative presentation by the Auditor General for Queensland, Andrew Greaves. Andrew is well credentialed with significant... Read more >
  • What’s Up Doc, the carrot or the stick?

    What does organisational analysis have in common with Bugs Bunny? In the context of today's post is has a lot to do with carrots.The Carrot and Stick approach to management.The evolution of management theory and human resource management principles has taken us beyond referring to our workforce using metaphors that compare them to beasts of... Read more >
  • Risky Business – Managing projects in unfamiliar territory.

    Who would willingly take on complex projects in an unfamiliar or even hostile field of activity? – Sometimes a manager just has to. Are there any rules or guidelines to help manage projects into the unknown?I recently read a wonderful saga of Australian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt who led several very ambitious and adventurousJohn Bailey's book... Read more >
  • Independence and Accountability

    Does acting in an independent capacity mean that you are not accountable to anyone for your actions and decisions? How can we safeguard the independence of review processes but still ensure the reviewer is acting with integrity?I was recently involved in an organisational review where I encountered an Internal Auditor who took their role very... Read more >
  • Creativity and Strategy

    On the website of the University of New South Wales I recently saw the phrase "Fresh ideas are the currency of competitive advantage and success". It was advertising the University's Marketing and Innovation ProgramIt prompted me to consider how many really fresh ideas I had come across in recent months and what particular attributes were... Read more >
  • Performance Management – Expecting the Best

    The term "performance management" is often mis-interpreted to mean performance regulation or enforcement. However a more effective approach is to see the setting of performance expectations in a more positive light.When Lord Nelson raised his famous "England expects...." signal at the battle of Trafalgar he did not intend it to be a warning or... Read more >
  • How to Cross the Boss, without making the Boss cross

    Have you ever felt that you really wanted to disagree with your boss on some work-related matter but were too afraid that they might not receive your opposition very well? Most staff who report directly to a General Manager or influential member of the executive team see it as a career limiting move to disagree openly with their boss's decisions.... Read more >
  • Out in the Cold – When the Boss is the Last to Know

    It is not a very nice feeling to gradually realise that as a senior executive, and perhaps even worse as the General Manager, you are being kept out of the loop on important information or not being alerted to critical emerging issues. When the chilly winds of organisational excommunication begin to blow it's time to light the fires of... Read more >

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