Changing horses in mid-career

What happens when someone is displaced from their job after more than a decade of solid service? How do people, especially managers with more of a generalist background, adapt to searching for a new job?

Why is the job market getting tougher in Australia?

Jobs lost in Queensland Public Service

Courier Mail 13 August 2012

With the current low level of available employment positions in Australia generally and the sudden wave of redundancies both in the private and public sectors, competition for desirable placements is fierce. Consequently anyone find themselves in the invidious circumstances of being suddenly redundant or being under the shadow of possible redundancy needs to begin personal preparation for active and effective job search as quickly as possible.

Even the most experienced managers get out of the habit of using the particular self-promotion skills and techniques that are necessary in participating in today’s job search environment. For the large number of Queensland public servants currently being made redundant, whilst their basic technical and professional skills may be highly transportable to private sector roles, they may find the competitive environment presents more hurdles than might be anticipated.

The Hidden Job Market

Of crucial importance to current circumstances is what is known as the hidden job market where recruitment to positions that become available is largely done by personal referral and informal networks rather than public advertisement. These opportunities  typically arise without warning and leave little time for the would-be applicant to prepare to their best advantage. This is however a valuable source of potential openings where the field of competitors may be less numerous.

For many, especially those for whom it has been years since they were required to compete for employment, the task of compiling a new curriculum vitae and skills profile is a challenge in itself, let alone preparing themselves to argue their own attributes in a written application or formal interview.

What is needed in preparing for employment or career change?

Whether looking for a new job in their current field of endeavour or deciding to try something in a different sphere altogether, today’s jobseeker needs to be extraordinarily well prepared in order not just to stand out from the crowd but to even  keep up with the crowd.

As in acquiring any new skill, employment transition or career transition requires focus, discipline and determination to succeed. It is not a skill that comes naturally, especially where a person has been engaged in the same role and industry for a long time. Access to mentoring, support and helpful tools can be of great assistance and provide a critical advantage in the pursuit of a desirable appointment.

In association with our colleagues at MDN Consulting Pty Ltd, Reinforcements is pleased to be able to offer assistance through career transition programs which are carefully oriented to the specific needs of individuals who find themselves in the circumstances outlined above. The key elements of these programs pioneered by Mark Nicol comprise the following themes –

  • Getting the transition strategy right in your head.
  • Getting the skills and experience profile right on paper.
  • Getting to understand the current job market and its challenges.
  • Getting to engage with the right professional networks.

Readers can learn more about these programs in detail by visiting the following website.

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