Values Structure and Goals

Sometimes it is necessary to take an overview of our organisations through a different prism. Stepping back for a moment and examining just how the key building blocks of our corporate approach really fit together can be very enlightening. For example have you thought recently about how your organisational Structure and the Values(or culture) it exhibits actually align with your Corporate Goals and Objectives?

Consider the interrelationship of these three important ingredients as illustrated in the following diagram and the simple questions that inter-relationship raises.

When was the last time you closely examined the impact your organisation’s culture on the effective delivery of services or the progress in achieving your objectives? Have you thought about the influence your organisational structure and its management accountability framework has on the creation and sustainability of positive values and culture? Can you identify any slippages in goal attainment that might be attributable to a decline or adverse shift in preferred culture and if so, could there be aspects of organisational design or management architecture that have subtly changed over time to allow, or at least fail to arrest, that decline?

Often a fresh pair of eyes are necessary to see those influences and relationships in perspective. Like all relationships, it is useful to regularly review, refresh and revitalise the relationships between the key elements of our Corporate framework.

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