Availability of specialist consultants at short notice is one of the great strengths of Reinforcements. Our Associate consultants provide us with significant additional resources when circumstances require and when particular technical skills are called for.

These special partners are selected by Reinforcements for their capability, reliability and alignment with our business and service philosophy.

Our Associates also exercise skills and specialities that may not form part of Reinforcements’ core services and in those cases we are happy to commend our partners to you for separate engagement.

Lloyd Russell

TCB Solutions Pty Ltd

Governance, Risk and Family Businesses

Lloyd is a fourth generation family business owner whose consultancy specialises in governance, risk and succession solutions, with a strong affinity with the family business sector.

Mark Nicol

MDN Consulting Pty Ltd

Executive Recruitment, Career Transition, Human Resources

With over 21 years experience, MDN Consulting is a trusted and well respected service provider of a a wide range of human resource consultancy needs.


David Mills PhD

David on Linked-in  

Corporate Services

David combines extensive experience in strategic management, human resource management and the reform of government commercial organisations with specialist advisory services, academic research and teaching.

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