There is nothing more frustrating for everyone – senior management, supervisors and staff – than performance management systems that just don’t work. Many organisations have lost sight of the real purpose of appraisal systems and persist with old fashioned models that no longer have relevance for either the management or staff.

Of course performance monitoring and measurement is not just about the individual but is increasingly of significant importance in a more holistic sense in tracking the performance of the entire organisation in achieving the strategic goals set for it.

Reinforcements has a strong track record in helping managers develop and implement  performance systems that are meaningful in their own organisational context.

Clarity of purpose, unambiguous expectations, meaningful targets and valid measures are all important components of a successful performance evaluation system. Moreover, continuous dialogue and communication are indispensable elements in achieving clarity and mutual understanding about all these things.

Our approach focuses on developing highly collaborative relationships for supporting practical and relevant processes as a seamless part of day to day management rather than a burdensome annual event.

Call in Reinforcements to help improve your organisation’s performance framework.

We provide particular expertise in areas such as:

Executive performance

Modern management recognises that achieving tangible outcomes is about setting the right environment and workplace culture to encourage high performance in both individuals and groups.Our approach to Executive leadership development and evaluation helps you get the best from your top team.

Organisational effectiveness

Sometimes management knows that things are not happening the way they should, but just can’t put their finger on the cause. Our assessment framework for measuring the effectiveness of processes and work practices can help you define the path to improvement.

Management reporting

If you are not getting accurate, timely or relevant information about your business and the environment in which it operates, chances are your business decisions are not optimal. We can help you explore where and how to improve your management reporting to achieve better outcomes.

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