Governance is the framework by which the leadership of an organisation provides direction, assures integrity, sets goals and objectives, structures its management and measures the performance of the organisation against its expectations.

When you encounter problems or challenges in any of these areas Reinforcements is at hand to get you back on track.

Good Governance is the foundation of organisational effectiveness. Poor governance practice provides the seeds for poor organisational performance. The effectiveness of the Governance framework is dependent on clear policy direction, executive accountability, focused delegations and reporting procedures, supported by energetic audit and risk management practice.

Our Governance reviews have helped numerous organisations identify opportunities to strengthen their corporate leadership, tighten up their legislative compliance, increase the agility of their policy responses and reorganise their management structures to improve overall performance.

Call in Reinforcements to help improve your governance model.

In particular we are highly experienced in the following key governance areas:

Board effectiveness

Our strong background in corporate governance can help you with conducting periodic reviews of Board performance; Examining the appropriateness of Board structures and representation; Assisting with induction of Board members in their governance role.



Let us help you keep on the right side of the law by review of your legislative compliance systems and evaluation of your integrity monitoring and reporting systems.


Policy formulation

Good governance relies on clear corporate direction. Our approach serves this end by developing principles based policy frameworks; assessing organisational policy formulation and review processes; and facilitating stakeholder engagement programs.


Organisational structures

Review and improvement of Authority frameworks; Management and Operational structures; Administrative and service delivery models.

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