Reinforcements Management Consulting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to this philosophy throughout its management and operations. The Company is dedicated to identifying and removing barriers that unfairly discriminate against individuals on any grounds.

Employees, contractors, sub-consultants and suppliers are all selected on a strictly meritorious basis.

Reinforcements Equal Employment Opportunity Policy ensures that all decisions to engage human resources are made free of any bias, prejudice or discrimination aimed at gender, race, creed, age, cultural background, sexual preference or physical attributes and disabilities.

Engagement is determined on the basis of capability to deliver the skills, services, supplies and professional support necessary to provide the Company with the capacity to fulfill its obligations to clients and stakeholders.

Reinforcements undertakes to its employees, contractors, sub-consultants and suppliers to provide a workplace and business environment, over which the Company has influence, that is safe and free from prejudice, bullying, discrimination or harassment.

Any circumstances that arise likely to represent a breach of this policy should be reported immediately to the Director who is committed to addressing any such circumstances expeditiously and completely.

In all these things Reinforcements is commitment to continual improvement of its workplace impact.

This policy was established on 1st January 2013 and most recently reviewed on 8th February 2022.


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