The following schedules outline the services available from Reinforcements Management Consulting under the Local Buy Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for:
  • Business, Finance and Organisational Management Services Contract 272
  • Human Resources and Employee Services Contract BUS 278

Please note, that whilst the lists are indicative of service elements relative to each category, they are not exhaustive, as a purchaser’s requirements may involve other related or associated services that are not specifically listed.


Business, Finance and Organisational Management Services – Contract 272

Category Indicative Service Elements
Accounting and Financial Services
  • Budgeting strategies;
  • Rating Strategies, tariffs and charging policies;
  • Financial Sustainability analysis;
  • Audit Committee membership and support.
Change Management
  • Organisational change management strategy, planning, methodologies, tools and implementation;
  • Performance Management Frameworks and Reporting systems;
  • Operational service effectiveness reviews.
Corporate Governance, Assurance and Risk Management
  • Assessment of business processes;
  • Governance Audits;
  • Corporate compliance and due diligence;
  • Risk management strategies and analysis;
  • Policy research, development and review.
Marketing and Public Relations
  • Stakeholder and community consultation.
Strategic and Organisational Planning Services
  • Development of strategic frameworks;
  • Organisational effectiveness review;
  • Organisational restructuring;
  • Operational business planning;
  • Program effectiveness reviews;
  • Strategic redesign, development, integration and implementation.

Human Resources and Employeee Services – Contract 278

Category Indicative Service Elements
Human Resources
  • Workforce planning and development, succession planning, attraction and retention strategies, skills analysis, capability and performance management;
  • Team development and building;
  • Employee career counselling and outplacement;
  • Pre-employment screening and selection panel support.
Workplace Relations
  • Development and implementation of HR policies, manuals and guidelines;
  • Workplace and Employee Relations investigations;
  • Employee relations: code of conduct, ethics, discrimination, equal employment opportunity;
  • Dispute resolution and grievance procedures.
Workplace Health and Safety Services
  • WH&S training and development;
  • WH&S investigations and reporting;
  • WH&S audits and systems;
  • Safety standards and emergency management;
  • Incident management, training and reporting.


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