• The Facts of Life for Local Government Executives – by Gary Kellar

    The Facts of Life
    One of the principal facts of life for local government executives, especially at the start of the second decade of the 21st century is that there is no longer a concept of permanent employment – if there ever was. Some might say that until the last decade of the previous century there was still a semblance of separation of local government... Read more >
  • Leadership is needed now

    It is not new to say that the best of leaders emerge in the most difficult of times. Well, we are in difficult times and Leadership is needed now. We tend to look at this maxim as referring to national leaders, which indeed is important. However because the current Coronavirus emergency affects people down to local communities and even individual... Read more >
  • How much power do Councillors have?

    With the 2020 Queensland local government elections imminent, the likelihood of an intake of new and inexperienced councillors is always high. Because of the substantial reform that has taken place in the industry in recent years and the intense focus on addressing corruption within local councils, the State government has invested time and energy... Read more >
  • One Small Step can make a Difference

      Organisational change is often approached with a big “to-do” list that looks insurmountable, when one small step can make a difference. When management issues have reached the stage of being a concern to the CEO, the solution is often seen through the prism of major intervention. Sometimes this is necessary, but it always engenders... Read more >
  • Thinking about Stakeholder Engagement

    Most organisations agree that a key ingredient of their success is the relationship they have with their stakeholders. But many do little thinking about stakeholder engagement. Others find their engagement is not working as they would like and this is often because they don't have a cogent and logical engagement strategy. In some cases there... Read more >
  • Help Investigators Help You

    Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? How can you help investigators help you? Investigating allegations of misconduct in Queensland local government has recently become an industry in itself. With notifications to the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) and the Newly established Office of the Independent Assessor remaining at high levels and the... Read more >
  • Managing Internal Audit in Smaller Councils

    There is a long standing issue in Queensland about managing Internal Audit in smaller Councils. Section 105 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 requires that each local government must establish an efficient and effective internal audit function. But do smaller councils see value in directing scarce resources to internal audit? Probably not,... Read more >
  • What should be reported to the Board?

    Having just completed another Board review I am continually reminded of the ongoing dilemma Boards and their CEOs face in maintaining focus on what should be reported to the Board. One of the issues I encounter regularly, even with Boards that have been together for some time, is "Are we getting enough or too much information?". It is not a bad... Read more >
  • Leadership and Leaders

    I just finished reading one of my Santa stocking fillers for 2018. Laura Tingle's Quarterly Essay - "Follow the Leader: Democracy and the rise of the strongman". Whilst not earth shattering it is a good read and with some interesting and thoughtful commentary on national leadership at home and abroad. In particular, Laura presents a collage... Read more >
  • Out in the Cold – When the Boss is the last to know.

    It is not a very nice feeling to gradually realise that as a senior executive, and perhaps even worse as the CEO or General Manager, you are being kept out of the loop on important information or not being alerted to critical emerging issues. When the chilly winds of organisational excommunication begin to blow it’s time to light the fires of... Read more >

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