• “Dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria!”

    This is a memorable quote from Bill Murray’s character in the original Ghostbusters movie to describe a pending disaster of biblical proportions. For some Queensland local governments, it is the growing number of dogs and cats living at their animal pounds that represents impending doom… for those pets. Of all the many and varied functions of... Read more >
  • Good Practice for Local Government Audit Committees – by Graham Webb PSM

    Having several decades exposure to local government audit and risk management committees both from the perspective of an officer reporting to Committees and as a member and Chair of Committees, I feel I can offer a few helpful tips to those following along that path, particularly on creating high performance in the functioning of Local... Read more >
  • Council Decision Making

    The 2020 local government elections saw the continuing trend of a significant turnover of elected members both at Mayor and Councillor level. (See our previous post on the election outcomes). For many first time councillors this presents a steep learning curve of new and sometimes confusing information about council decision-making processes. This... Read more >
  • Advocating for Local Communities

    Advocating for local communities is an important part of the role of local government. Regardless of the outcome of the forthcoming State election, local governments will still need to provide strong advocacy for their communities, in the constant competition for funding and government support. Councils need to develop a focused and effective... Read more >
  • More Women Councillors in Queensland

      Women Councillors increase representation in the March 2020 Queensland local government elections - by Graham Webb PSM (Feature Image courtesy ABC News: Christopher Gillette) It is now four months since the polls were declared and the ECQ published the results of Local Government Elections held on Saturday 28th March 2020. Individual... Read more >
  • Workplace Investigation Pitfalls

    PITFALLS FOR EMPLOYERS IN CONDUCTING WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS  by  Judith Himstedt   (Master of Public Sector Management , Double-major in Public Policy and Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management,  Bachelor of Commerce- Double-major in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management) There are many issues within a workplace... Read more >
  • Stop and Think

    As I passed the local Municipal library the other day, I noticed it was particularly busy with people coming and going. Displayed prominently outside the entrance was a sign that said, "Stop and Think." It was a notice warning visitors not to enter if they had COVID-like symptoms. From my short period of observation I did not see any person... Read more >
  • Who’s Watching?

    A Mayor once told me that “Public Life is like being on a nudist beach. No matter how proud you are of your own image, a part of you is always asking 'who’s watching?'”. Recent controversy over legislation proposed by the Queensland Government to prevent the media from giving exposure to allegations of corruption during election campaigns,... Read more >
  • The Facts of Life for Local Government Executives – by Gary Kellar

    The Facts of Life
    One of the principal facts of life for local government executives, especially at the start of the second decade of the 21st century is that there is no longer a concept of permanent employment – if there ever was. Some might say that until the last decade of the previous century there was still a semblance of separation of local government... Read more >
  • Leadership is needed now

    It is not new to say that the best of leaders emerge in the most difficult of times. Well, we are in difficult times and Leadership is needed now. We tend to look at this maxim as referring to national leaders, which indeed is important. However because the current Coronavirus emergency affects people down to local communities and even individual... Read more >

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