• Handling New Situations? – Fix it, Fit in or Flee

    In the history of modern business and government, the pace of change has never been as quick as we have been experiencing since the turn of the 21st Century. It is hard to believe that New Year's Eve of 2000 is already over a decade and a half in the past and the second decade of the century approaching with increasing velocity. In work and in... Read more >
  • Job Applications – Strutting your stuff

    Have you missed career opportunities because you were not assertive enough when it came to promoting your own talents in job applications? I was recently asked to help a former colleague who was re-entering the job market after a period of being self employed, following a redundancy caused by some upheaval in their industry. My colleague (let's... Read more >
  • Change Rollback – Beware the underground resistance

    Organisations celebrating successful transition to a new management structure, systems environment or organisational culture can not afford to rest on their laurels even for a short time. Change initiatives can so easily encounter circumstances where senior management have become victims of Change Rollback. In these cases systems and processes... Read more >
  • Strategic Risk Management and Executive Commitment

    An entire industry has been built up around Risk Management in government and business but for many executives the sheer weight of the detail often involved in enterprise risk management systems is something of a "turnoff".  How do we get senior management interested in strategic risk management? Constructive executive involvement is essential... Read more >
  • Workshops that Work

     “Not another Workshop!!” I have heard staff cry out when the Manager tells them that it has been decided to consult them on future organisational change. ”What good will a ‘love in’ do for us?” I have heard Board Members complain when asked to attend a strategic planning retreat. Why are workshops that work difficult to find?So... Read more >
  • Community Volunteering – A Joy or a Heartache

     The value of the work performed by the almost 5,000,000 known volunteers across Australia cannot be underestimated. From Red Cross and Lifeline to Rural Fire Brigades, State Emergency Services, Meals on Wheels, Hospitals, RSPCA and the like, volunteers are the lifeblood of community services. At the local level, Councils may engage volunteers in... Read more >
  • Strategic Questions about Resourcing your Business in Difficult Times

    For most businesses, especially SMEs, their competitive advantage, other than the attributes of their product, is in the cost of resources used in the production, marketing and distribution of that product. The basic range of resources is much the same for all industry groups – People, Finance, Materials and Services. Until mid 2008 most... Read more >
  • Fireside Chats Don’t Generate Enough Heat.

    Why do some senior executives find it difficult to handle performance appraisal interviews with their fellow managers? How do we get honesty and forthrightness back into manager to manager dialogue?Why Managers find performance appraisal interviews difficult.In my travels I see numerous senior managers who have reached their position because of... Read more >
  • Performance Systems and Poor Performers

    The Brisbane Sunday Mail edition for the first day of the new year carried a story headlined “Workers spill on colleagues”. The thrust of the story was that a large proportion of Queensland Public Servants who were surveyed expressed a view about poor performers among their colleagues as “people were getting away with doing a bad job and... Read more >
  • Sitting Back or Setting Goals?

    When I was a full-time corporate executive I certainly looked forward to the Christmas-New Year break to recharge the personal batteries. Time off with family and friends is an essential offset to working hard. But I also valued taking a small part of the quiet time to find space to let my brain do some data sorting to allow for clear thinking... Read more >

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