Reinforcements Management Consulting is a Pty Ltd Company whose principal focus is on management consulting to both Public and Private Sector organisations.

Although the Company operates in a relatively low risk industry with no key characteristics of its operations and activities implicated in industry related illness and injury, the Company recognises that investing in health and safety initiatives is important for both the well-being of the business and its personnel.

The Company’s work environment is defined as an office based environment with the particular work arrangements associated with management consulting that often require personnel to travel to client premises (also predominately office based).

The resourcing of the Company’s projects and assignments is primarily achieved through its own employees and the engagement from time to time of trusted sub-consultants and or contractors. In either case the Company places the highest value on the health, safety and well-being of its personnel and embraces the following Policy as a mandatory requirement for application in any engagement of its services.


The Company undertakes to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, sub-consultants and contractors by means of the following practices:

Awareness of WHS by personnel.

The Company will constantly maintain the awareness of its empoyees of current Workplace Health & Safety legislation relevant to the Management Consulting industry and general good practice.

When engaging sub-consultants and contractors the Company will require these personnel to equally possess and maintain appropriate knowledge and awareness of current and relevant Workplace Health and Safety legislation and practice. Engagement letters to sub-consultants and contractors will require acknowledgement of the Company’s Workplace Health and Safety Policy together with a declaration to the effect that the sub-consultant or contractor possesses and maintains a current awareness and observance of WH&S practice.

Personnel working within Reinforcements’ environment.

Where employees, sub-consultants or contractors are visiting or working within workplace environments owned or provided by the Company, the Company will ensure all necessary Workplace Health and Safety requirements are met and maintained during the presence of the personnel in that environment.

Site Based assignments.

Where employees, sub-consultants or contractors are assigned to work on behalf of the Company at the site of a Client or related workplace or location bearing upon the assignment, the Company will liaise with the Client or custodian of the site or location to ascertain the relevant WH&S conditions and whether site specific WH&S induction, training or precautions are required for the attendance of Company personnel. In such cases where specific induction, training or precautions are required, the Company will alert the personnel to the requirement and arrange for that induction, training or those precautions to be provided prior to entering the site or location.


The Company will require of its employees, sub-consultants and contractors the following obligations as part of their duty to the Company under any assignment:

  1. Observe all Workplace Health and Safety requirements of the places to which they are assigned to work on behalf of the Company.
  2. Comply with all instructions given for workplace health and safety at the workplace by the Company or the Company’s Client or other custodian of the place.
  3. Use personal protective equipment where required.
  4. Refrain from any act or omission that might place at risk the workplace health and safety of themselves or any person at the workplace.
  5. Attend such induction or training as directed to effectively prepare them for their assignment.
  6. Identify and report immediately to the Company any incident or circumstances at the workplace to which they have been assigned by the Company, that might constitute a risk to the workplace health and safety of themselves or any person associated with the assignment.


The Company will maintain records of all incidents reported as risks to workplace health and safety and of all actions taken to alert appropriate authorities, site custodians or Clients and /or to prevent, avoid or remediate circumstances likely to create such risks.


This Policy applies to the Company’s management, employees and any sub-consultant or contractor engaged by the Company.

This policy was established on 1st January 2013 and most recently reviewed on 8th February 2022.

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