• Teams at Work

    “Many hands make light work” is an old Chinese proverb. How come it isn’t always successful in teams at work? Organisations in business and government, especially larger organisations, are invariably comprised of teams of people assigned to focus on delivering particular services or achieving particular outcomes. Those achievements are often... Read more >
  • Soaring like a Seagull

    On a holiday to New Zealand a little while ago, on a cruise on Lake Wakatipu, I was amused to see a flock of seagulls hitching a ride on the Steamer's life boat. I thought at the time what a good life they had in such an idyllic environment. No work to do, transport provided between scenic locations and plenty of tourists to throw them the odd... Read more >
  • Regaining Community Trust – A Dialogue on Localism

    Given the blaze of publicity recently spotlighting local governments in south east Queensland and in particular the very public stoush between the Queensland Government and the Ipswich City Council as to whether or not “the community” have lost confidence in their elected members, it is worth considering the current health of localism in our... Read more >
  • Hire for Skills and Fire for Behaviour

    By Chris Phillips Do you hire for skills and fire for behaviour? If you do , you are not alone. Employers today are so focused on employing on skill only that they often tend to ignore what ends up being the reason for employees needing to leave the business- their behaviour. Skill is important - we call it eligibility for a role, however a... Read more >
  • Investigating Complaints about local governments

    In recent times scrutiny of the integrity of local governments by the Public and by Regulatory Agencies, like the Crime and Corruption Commission, has increased significantly. This has meant increased demand for resources for investigating complaints about local governments - the activities of Councils, councillors and council employees. The... Read more >
  • It’s the Strategic Planning not the Plan that’s important

    I recently came across an article from the USA which resonated strongly with me on the topic of strategic planning. I have always held the view that strategic planning needs to have a high component of flexibility to ensure that the “planners” don’t get blinded by the content of the plan and lose sight of the intrinsic value of the... Read more >
  • The Inspirational Li Cunxin

    I recently attended a management workshop where the participants were treated to a magnificent and inspirational presentation from Li Cun Xin – Mao’s Last Dancer. Many of you will have seen the film or read the book about this amazing gentleman. Not only has he been strongly motivated to make a wonderful life for himself but now generously... Read more >
  • Leadership frozen in time

    The management training industry is constantly searching for new ways and techniques to put a "modern" spin on Leadership. Sometimes it is worth taking pause to reflect on how some of the great historically reported acts of leadership took place and how they might be viewed in today's context. For instance, what made Robert Falcon Scott's... Read more >
  • Executive Mentoring and Leading horses to water

    The old saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" applies to executive mentoring as well. One thing I have learned over the years is that not all advice offered, event good advice, is always welcomed. One of the great pitfalls of executive mentoring is assuming that, having asked for advice or counselling the person, the... Read more >
  • Looking at Change Management from the Outside

    When I handed over the mantle of CEO at Logan City Council in October 2005 and entered the new world of consulting, I was invited almost immediately to take on a role with a trans-Tasman firm of  management consultants which focused on helping local government organisations analyse their need for change and also on assisting in the practical... Read more >

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